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Arts Based Research – new resource


Changing Waters, Gulf of Maine by Nathalie Miebach

A new Qualitative Arts Based Research website – http://abr2011.yolasite.com/ has been developed Fall 2011 by Lesley University graduate students. This website is a resource for those interested in the Arts Based Research methodology through visual art, dance, drama, poetry and music. It explores the intersection of arts and social sciences and how artists are just as valid (if not more interesting) as historians, scientists and academics in observing, recording & documenting research. The image above created by artist Nathalie Miebach is one example of ABR, “Changing Waters” visually documents the meteorological and marine conditions along the Gulf of Maine.

What is Arts Based Research?

ARTS-BASED INQUIRY: Also known as arts-based educational research (ABER), this is an intellectual and practical development within the broad field of qualitative inquiry that challenges the idea that social inquiry and educational research must conform to norms of science.  It reflects multiple interests in the intersection of arts, education, the humanities, and research.  This kind of inquiry explores the arts as performance and mode of persuasion, as a means of self-exploration, as a form of pedagogy, and as a mode of representing knowledge.

The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry (2007)


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