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Fall Leaf Prints

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Multiple Color Leaf Prints, Punkadoodle Studios 2010

This may be your last chance to print with fall leaves before they all blow away! This is a great project to do with children ages 4+ as well as a wonderful way to make beautiful gifts and/or wrapping paper for the holidays. It is best to use freshly collected leaves right away, but you can store them in the fridge for up to 2 days. Have fun!!


  • Collect around 25-30 leaves from outside to print with, ones with more details and veins are more interesting to print
  • 4 trays on each table filled with different color acrylic paints, add gold to one or more colors to create a shimmer effect
  • Card stock, construction paper or professional printing paper works the best – the less water the less it will curl


      • Lay leaf upside down on scrap paper and brush paint gently on until the whole underside is covered – do not use too much paint or the details in the leaf will not come out.
      • Grab the stem of the leaf and place it paint-side down on the paper you are decorating
      • Cover the leaf with a paper towel (or tissue paper)
      • Hold the leaf with one hand and with the other begin rubbing with your fingers from the center to the edges of the leaf, be careful not to rub too hard and rip the leaf
      • Carefully lift and remove the paper towel and leaf

Two Color Print:

      • If you want to make a two-color print, you can use the same leaf and print with another color over the first print.
      • Wipe excess paint off the leaf before applying the paint
      • Repeat steps from above
      • Experiment with color – mixing different colors such as Red and Yellow to create an orange hue , or Red and Blue for purple
      • Add gold to any color to create a shimmer

(Dahl, 2002)

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