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current : adj. 1. belonging to the time actually passing; present. 2. generally accepted; prevalent … 4. a flowing, as of a river 5. a portion of a large body of water or air moving in a certain direction (Webster’s Dictionary 4th edition, 2001)

Standing at the mouth of the harbor, watching the manipulative current create deep pockets of turbulence in the otherwise calm river leading out to the sea caught my attention. We lead our lives caught up in the current of our culture, society and world. Unique and usually creative individuals determined about their own fate desperately try to fight and swim against it, while others take the ‘easy’ route and continue to ride it out to the open ocean where they are then faced with the vastness of making a decision where to go… or just wait for the incoming tide and ride it on back again bobbing about enlightened, consciously letting go of control.

Opening my dictionary to look up the word current when I returned home struck me. The first definition had nothing to do with the ocean but, “belonging to the time actually passing; present.” No matter if we are fighting the current, swimming fiercely with it, or languidly enjoying the ride, we all belong to the moment we are in – neither good nor bad – it just is. We all have our reasons and passions for being where we are.

But perhaps life is more of a combination of swimming with, against and riding the current. Who at some point hasn’t fought against the predetermined notions of society to express their own individualism? Who at some point hasn’t raced with glory to an opportunity that seemed put in place just for them? Who at some point hasn’t just blown up their inner tube and floated in harmony with the pull of the tides? And the point is – it doesn’t matter, we all end up at a place of reflection regarding the decisions we’ve made – the open ocean, the calm harbor, hanging on for dear life to the rocks at the water’s edge. The current will pick us up and sweep us along when we least expect it, we cannot control the undertow… and I suppose this is where I’m meant to say to enjoy the turbulent ride – at least for a little while, as the force of nature is not one to be reckoned with.

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