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Journal for Artistic Research


I am introducing a new platform for artistic research, JAR, Journal for Artistic Research. As the description denotes this resource is about weaving together information rather than presenting it in a static form. Multiple literacies are used to discuss arts-based research which can be more effective than the standard scholarly written article. Modern day artists are researchers, historians, observers of our time and collectors for our future. I am hopeful this journal will exemplify the artist’s role and importance of their work and creativity in our world today.

Sarah Alford, Mr. Dodge: The Bibliography Raincoat (detail), 2008, hot glue

An excerpt from the JAR home page:

“a high-quality journal in the field allows an ever-increasing number of artistic researchers to partake in what for the sciences and humanities are standard academic publication procedures. Given that artistic research has become a worldwide movement with many local activities, JAR can serve as a focal point, bringing together diverse voices, facilitating the discourse and thus improving the artistic research community….

…In the context of JAR, artistic research is doubly defined: insofar as it is research, it enhances knowledge and understanding; because it is artistic, however, the mode of presentation is essential.”

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