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Stocking stuffer is not a good gift for Poseidon

Grocery Shopping at the Beach!?


There is no shortage of treasures when you walk on the beach – however lately it’s been discouraging that a lot of the ‘treasures’ are trash. After a couple of days of strong winds and big surf the local beach had been transformed. The rocky facade had been covered by grainy sand pushed ashore by the ocean swells. Unfortunately the ocean swells had also washed ashore a variety surprising sea treasures you would more likely find for sale at your closest supermarket. Being an ocean advocate with some experience about the environmental issue of marine debris, I do tend to pointedly notice plastic pollution in such a natural state. However this day on the beach anyone would be wide-eyed, it looked more like shopping carts had dumped their contents in certain ‘pockets’ along the high tide line. Unfortunately I didn’t have a collection bag with me, but I tried to gather as much as I could in a found bucket. I wondered if the recent X-mas holiday had something to do with a few of the items…although I couldn’t imagine the ‘gifts’ being discarded so readily. These objects reminded me of the fact that 80% of marine debris is land based. That means most of the objects we find floating on our oceans or washed up on the coasts are from inland, streaming out of rivers, blowing out of trash cans and finding their way to sea level. Be aware it is not just the fisherman or marine workers and players that pollute this delicate eco-system, it is us & we need to take responsibility for it before we destroy it!

Below are some of the choice objects I documented after I found them on this blustery day at this beach opening up to the Atlantic. Should we hold the companies with their names plastered all over these objects responsible – or us the consumer?

Face down in the sand still in their plastic noose


Full bag of Chips!

Sperry's - a must for a day on the boat

Stocking stuffer is not a good gift for Poseidon

a little aspirin to mend our waters?!

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