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California Calling


The west was calling my name recently as I sketched the cypress trees of Big Sur and the inland gold studded rivers of the NorCal Redwood region. The drawback, I was sketching from photographs – collaging the images together to form the perfect scene. If only I had been there to sit under the cypress tree emboldened on the edge of a cliff with the salty wind whipping at my blank pages. If only I had been there rocks embedding under my thighs, toes dipped in the cold river water as my pencil captured the vibrancy of the natural surroundings. Would my drawings have been more convincing? The attitude and feelings emerging through the shades of graphite? Possibly. But alas here I sit far away re-visiting places I’ve been and grateful that I can see them detailed in all their glory in my mind’s eye. The cyclical nature of time determines the when, where and how – and like the un-drawn images in my sketchbook there are pages to fill in this life yet.

The sketches were drawn for a friend’s first album, California Windfall, An Unexpected Stroke of Luck – I felt pretty lucky myself they asked me to be a part of this special collaboration with the beautiful Avery Rose, her rockin’ band and the other designers…


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