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Positioning Myself, Just Right


Reflections from an island…

The sea is like an eternal mountain range viewed from above, yet in constant motion. The peaks rise and fall showing glimpses of white caps- soft snow gracing the very highest ridge. The sun cascades down, blinding me with the glow on the water, sparkling like hundreds of diamonds taking over the horizon and tunneling the light along an unmarked corridor directly to the base of where I sit. Silhouettes of rocky outcroppings interrupt this stream of light with a backdrop of softly rolling hills, hazy, yet defined in the light blue sky with sea salted mist. The pocked beige granite rocks I sit on gradually turn dark and then emerald green diving into the waves where the seaweed begins, the wetness gives the rocks life, slick algae that becomes its lotion and rough barnacles its pumice.

A green can stands out as human interference marking the channel. Farther away I can barely make out a red nun. Thick forests of evergreens balance on cream-colored rocks, forming distant islands all merging together to appear as one. The hardy trees dig their roots into shallow topsoil, perched precariously on lichen covered cliffs testing the boundaries of mother nature. How they survive the severe ocean winters I will never know. The Bay sings in a never-ending chorus of mermaid splashes and motherly slaps of water on rock. I pull back on my socks as the wind changes direction, caresses my neck with its cool praises and muffles my ears. Busy ants crawl inside my sweatshirt tickling my arms, persistent on following their subconscious paths. The sun is warm in late-May despite the breeze and long afternoon shadows as long as I find a sheltered nook, to position myself just right.

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