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think beyond the canvas


March 27, 2015
by kybro

Into the Land: Exploring Place

Snow is falling today! Blustery and wet outside, yet big flakes driving past my little cabin make the forest appear slightly opaque, moving in a different way through each torrent of snow to get a glimpse of what is beyond. … Continue reading

Blue Lake- Rim Trail

March 25, 2015
by kybro

Feeling in Place

I feel so enlivened. I just laid on the dock staring at the windows in the sky, the tiny holes poked in the blackness to let the light in, but only enough to stare at it in wonder, to yearn … Continue reading

Through the high desert

March 23, 2015
by kybro

Entering High Desert: Caldera Awaits

Day 1: Caldera Arrival Driving through the high desert with mountains beckoning to me on all sides with their ominous presence and stark white peaks I made my way to Bend. Greeted by Kathy in her bright red pick-up we … Continue reading