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Beetle Borer Inspired Prints

April 9, 2015
by kybro

Caldera : Final Entry

I awoke in the dark, head filled with dreams of A-frame cabins becoming mansions and missing my mission for the morning, watching the sunrise! Warming up some tea, donning my head torch and fleece I trudge across camp to the … Continue reading

Blue Lake- Rim Trail

March 25, 2015
by kybro

Feeling in Place

I feel so enlivened. I just laid on the dock staring at the windows in the sky, the tiny holes poked in the blackness to let the light in, but only enough to stare at it in wonder, to yearn … Continue reading

Cape Neddick Snail Trails

June 30, 2014
by kybro

Snail Trails

Do you have the patience to watch and observe a periwinkle leave its trail in the sand? They move in-between tides, cluster together in communities and create abstract designs that are walked on and washed away. But have you actually … Continue reading